Neptune operates and maintains an elite fleet of 14 large firefighting airtankers.

This fleet includes 7 modern BAe 146 aircraft equipped with the innovative REV 3 tank capable of delivering a payload of 3,000 gallons of fire retardant.

We also operate 7 Lockheed P2V aircraft capable of delivering 2,082 gallons of fire retardant.

Neptune is the first airtanker operator to implement a Safety Management System (SMS).  It is recognized by the Forest Service as the standard for the rest of the airtanker industry.  Neptune’s flight operations, maintenance, training, and value system emphasizes safety every day, in every way.

Effectiveness of Fire Retardant

The US Forest Service has determined that the aerial application of fire retardant to be much more effective than plain water.  The Forest Service describes the advantage of fire retardant as such:

Aerially-applied fire retardant and other fire chemicals reduces wildfire intensity and rate of spread, decreasing risks to firefighters, enabling them to construct fireline safely. In many situations, the use of retardant in concert with firefighters on the ground allows the Forest Service to safely meet its responsibilities to protect landscapes, resources, and people.”

More about the application of fire retardant can be read on the Forest Service website here.

British Aerospace BAe 146-200

Capacity: 3000 gallons Engines: Honeywell ALF 502R-5 Cruise Speed: 466 MPH Range: 1,469 miles

Lockheed Neptune P2-V

Capacity: 2,082 gallons Engines: Honeywell ALF 502R-5 Cruise Speed: 466 MPH Range: 1,469 miles