Reliable, proven, and trusted. Neptune Aviation has been the leading partner of the wildland firefighting community for more than 30 years. When air assets are needed on a wildfire, Neptune delivers.


Protecting lives, homes,
businesses, and communities.

When wildfire strikes, Neptune is there. Our Air Atack team is ready to provide intelligence about a fire’s location, size, and intensity. Our Tanker team is ready to fight wildfires with water & retardant to help protect lives & property.

Excellence in Aerial Firefighting through Innovation, Engineering, and Testing

Neptune continues to refine its aerial firefighting capabilities by training the best pilots and mechanics in the industry, adding cutting edge technology to our aircraft & avionics, and exploring new platforms to enhance our operations.

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Realtime wildfire information, expert Aerial Command & Control

Accurate intelligence is critical to wildland firefighters knowing the size, scope, and behavior of a forest fire saves lives, homes, businesses, and communities. Neptunes Air Attack team is ready to provide real time intelligence allowing fire managers to marshal resources and quickly respond to wildfires.

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Fighting wildfires is a
team effort – Neptune
stands behind the team
on the ground.

Gratitude. At Neptune Aviation, we try to express our gratitude every day to the team on the ground that fights wildfires. We appreciate the dedication of the brave men & women who respond to our nation’s wildfires.