Decades of industry experience, coupled with a highly professional and motivated workforce, makes the Neptune Aviation Maintenance team uniquely capable of performing a wide spectrum of functions ranging from basic servicing to custom machining and reverse-engineering of legacy parts. Neptune Aviation Maintenance is also uniquely suited to expertly address the specialized needs of aging aircraft as well as perform highly complex mission specific modifications.

Neptune Aviation Services operates two FAA Part 145 Certificated Repair Stations in support of our company operations.

Missoula, MT – FAA CRS NI6R011N is housed within 98,000 square feet of hangar space and is the largest, most extensive, and capable aircraft maintenance facility in the region. From our Missoula location, Neptune Aviation Maintenance provides unparalleled support for general aviation, business, and transport category aircraft, along with maintaining the company fleet of air tankers.

Alamogordo, NM – FAA CRS NTBR983G occupies our 29,150 square foot facility in south-central New Mexico. Here, Neptune Aviation Maintenance performs heavy checks for the company air tanker fleet and cares for the maintenance needs of our two company heritage P2V aircraft. Our Alamogordo base is also well positioned to provide parts and maintenance personnel to support operations in the southern states from coast to coast.