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The leader in aerial firefighting.
Full-service, industry-wide support.

Neptune Aviation is the nation’s most reliable and innovative aerial firefighting company. With a commitment to partnership, a focus on safety, and always driven by our values, we’ve been the primary provider of airtanker services to the US Forest Service for over a quarter century. We take our responsibility seriously—the safety and security of our employees, our partners on the ground, and the communities we serve and protect.

Neptune Aviation is known for our unbeatable operations. Our fleet of BAe airtankers consistently deliver the highest level of safety, excellent field performance, and unmatched compatibility. We’ve got a full suite of services to support the industry, including a comprehensive machine shop, non-destructive testing, and installation, repair, and updates to avionics systems. Neptune also operates a charter air service to help you conveniently fly almost anywhere you desire to go, for business or pleasure.


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Aerial Firefighting Excellence
starts with Maintenance.

Neptune’s aircraft have a 99% dispatch availability rate. The near-perfect dispatch rate is due to Neptune’s comprehensive winter maintenance program.