A full service provider of Avionics Solutions

Neptune Aviation, a leader in aerial firefighting and aviation services, is now an authorized Garmin dealer and can offer its customers Garmin’s line of industry-leading aviation supplies and avionics solutions, including GPS navigation systems, transponders, advanced displays, and other aviation products. Neptune can also deliver comprehensive Garmin services, including system upgrades, technical support and maintenance, making it a one-stop shop for the aviation industry.

A trusted name in the aviation industry for three decades, Neptune provides a diverse range of services in its portfolio, including aerial firefighting and air attack services, charter flight services, fixed-base operations, general aviation maintenance, flight instruction, and avionics solutions for its growing customer base.

Garmin Sales, Installation, and Service

As an authorized Garmin dealer, Neptune Aviation can offer Garmin products to private aircraft owners, businesses, charter jets, and government agencies. They can also install and service Garmin products on any type of aircraft, including helicopters and experimental craft. Becoming an authorized Garmin dealer is a significant milestone for the company, according to Jennifer Draughon, President of Neptune Aviation.

“Securing authorization as a Garmin dealer connects us with the global leader in avionics technology, and we strive to be the leading Garmin installation, troubleshooting and consultants in the Northern Rockies. This partnership reinforces our unwavering commitment to provide top-tier solutions to our customers and builds on Neptune Aviation’s position as a leader in the aviation industry. With our expanded suite of full-service avionics, we’re soaring higher than ever,” says Draughon.

Neptune’s team is comprised of experts trained in Garmin product installation and maintenance, and that expertise is complemented by the fact that they are longtime customers, as their own aircraft is equipped with Garmin technology.

Proven Avionics Experts

“We have a very talented team at Neptune Aviation. They are experts and have more than 145 years of experience in avionics. This instills confidence in our customers, knowing that when we install new avionics equipment or service existing systems, their aircraft’s safety is our top priority,” says Christopher Smith, Avionics Manager at Neptune Aviation.

Smith adds that in addition to Garmin, Neptune is also authorized to install and maintain uAvonix, Trig and BendixKing avionics solutions.

To learn more about Neptune’s avionics capabilities, please email Chris Smith at [email protected] To view the lineup of Garmin Avionics products, check out their latest product brochure: https://www8.garmin.com/aviation/brochures/721_Gen_Aviation_Solutions.pdf